Our Firm has developed plans that include the ability to recover from situations of varying severity that include, but are not limited to, unplanned evacuations, power outages, major water leaks, fire, severe weather, earthquakes, pandemics and any facilities failure that may cause business interruptions.

Key features of the plan include employee safety considerations and as such, GAR has instructed our home office staff shelter in place starting Wednesday and continuing through Friday.

G. A. Repple & Company has put into place controls that will allow our staff to operate remotely and as such, you should be able to dial in and correspond by email as normal. If you are unable to reach someone by phone, please leave a voice message in the general mailbox.

In the event G.A. Repple & Company’s business is interrupted, we would attempt to notify our associated financial advisors as quickly as possible. We will request NFS to assume control of trading and account functions until we can resume normal operations. We may also delegate supervisory responsibility to other management level personnel at other locations in the event of a business interruption. G.A. Repple & Company will communicate with its regulatory agencies regarding the nature and extent of any significant outage as required by law.

It is our intent to recover from any business interruptions as quickly as possible. In the event that our physical plant is damaged, we would continue to work remotely in order to resume normal operations as quickly as possible. To protect our computer data, we have installed information backup systems and redundancy methods. We have also implemented an offsite storage process to safeguard our backup copies. In the unlikely event that damage is extensive and widespread, we would plan to re-locate our offices to an unaffected location and resume operations from there.

We appreciate your understanding regarding any potential disruptions.

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