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the Wisdom of God is greater than the knowledge of man. that the wealth of this world is temporary. that the Purpose of Wealth is to further the Kingdom of God which is to bring redemption to ALL through Jesus Christ from the darkness of this world into Righteousness. that Prosperity is first Spiritual which is seeking First the Kingdom of God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. that our work is worship (Avodah). That our work is redepmtive and purposeful in serving others. that Freedom, Liberty and Justice can only be found in Christ Jesus not in wealth or anything else. that God in Christ Jesus has provided for all that we will every need. Our HOPE and TRUST is in the Lord not in our wealth. that God's perfect Love gets rid of the fear of lack and the poverty mindset. that we are Stewards and not owners of all that God has given us to manage for HIS PURPOSE. that God's Agape Love is demonstrated through a Generous Life. God so loved that HE GAVE. that God's purpose and plan is for us to be in Relationsip with HIM. HE made us RIGHTEOUS through the shed blood of Jesus.
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