Our Commitment To You

Since 1982, we’ve stood firmly on the service model that we exist to serve you. Our plan has been to honor that commitment in three specific ways:

  • Our commitment is to provide a Broker/Dealer relationship that aligns Faith, Family, Finances, and allows you the Freedom to be an Independent Financial Advisor.

  • Our commitment is to provide a Kingdom Broker/Dealer that empowers and enables you to grow your practice while having a positive cultural influence on your staff, your family and your clients.

  • Our commitment is to continue to bring innovative financial strategies, competitive products, and new advancements in technology all to support your independent practice.

Biblically Responsible Investing

For over 20 years, G.A. Repple has been a key leader and innovator in the movement for Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). We believe the BRI platform provides Christian financial advisors with the opportunity to combine solid financial planning with sound biblical values.

Today, we’re dedicated to making a significant impact by encouraging people to invest where it matters as opposed to fueling “cultural polluters”. We believe that our trained advisors are impacting culture by championing values that make a positive difference in the world. These advisors are equipped to help screen companies to ensure client portfolios align with client values.

Why Use G.A. Repple?

Clearing and execution services are provided by National Financial Services, LLC (NFS), a Fidelity company. Clients may trade stocks, ETF’s, Corporate, Municipal and Government Bonds, brokerage CD’s, Precious Metals and over 5,000 Mutual Funds (some with no transaction fees). Accounts are covered by SIPC insurance.

NFS offers multiple types of brokerage accounts from basic to full-service. These services may include check writing, debit/credit cards, periodic investment or withdrawal plans, dividend reinvestments, direct deposit, online bill paying and performance reporting with certain accounts. They are also able to offer numerous types of IRA accounts such as Traditional, Rollover, Roth, Simple, SEP, IRA-BDA and Keoghs.

You’ll be glad to know that the home office brokerage department is happy to assist each financial advisor with transitions, new accounts, transfers, trading, re-organization, margin and other issues as needed.
The leadership team at G.A. Repple brings multiple talents to the table as financial advisors with experience that includes financial planning, tax and estate planning, life insurance and asset management. Our collective experience in these areas is available to all of our advisors so that we can assist with case design to help convert prospects into clients. New advisors with an existing book of business will find knowledgeable help throughout the transfer process.

A wide variety of products and services are available to our advisors to address any client need and circumstance. We’ve customized our own coaching programs for Biblical Entrepreneurship and Practice Management to ensure that you have the training you need to become a solutions provider for your clients.
The Compliance Department at G.A. Repple is BRI-friendly (Biblically Responsible Investing) and works closely with financial advisors whose market is the BRI client. BRI is a major part of the unique way we do business and our compliance staff is in-tune with each financial advisor’s efforts to promote this philosophy.

Our compliance team also reviews new business and new accounts in an effort to assure that recommendations and trades are suitable for clients, thereby helping to protect both clients and advisors. When necessary, our compliance professionals will deal directly with regulatory bodies and inquiries and handle any customer complaint issue.

The compliance division oversees all licensing and appointment functions as they relate to both the firm and the advisor. Compliance conducts reviews and provides guidance on all forms of written and approved electronic communications – including websites.
G.A. Repple is a dually registered SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and FINRA registered Broker/Dealer. The RIA offers comprehensive and flexible financial planning and asset management services to clients.

Each financial advisor is encouraged to take advantage of the various fee platforms that exist, including the NFS proprietary fee platform, Managed Account Solutions (MAS) and a selection of approved Third Party Asset Managers. Financial advisors may also offer their clients Rep-Advised Accounts in which the individual advisor provides management guidance and portfolio selections for the managed accounts. We also provide advisors with Practice Management and Biblical Entrepreneurship coaching.
Our primary technology goal at G.A. Repple is to find ways to improve efficiency by leveraging the integration capabilities of our chosen technology partners. Key components of this process would include:

  • WINOPS Dashboard: Financial advisors can view weekly commissions online; print or export in various formats; create pending business, licensing and customer reports; look up orders and clients; input new account and trade information directly into the home office via this system.

  • LaserApp: Financial advisors will achieve greater efficiency by using the comprehensive Forms Library and being able to pre-fill up to 80% of multiple forms in seconds with existing client data from Redtail, WINOPS or Albridge. We’re also excited about adding e-signature capabilities in the near future.

  • NFS Streetscape: NFS offers a high-tech website (Streetscape) for financial advisors that displays information on clients, accounts, trading, inventory, transfers and training all in one place. Clients are then given access to a similar site (My Streetscape) customized for them where they’re able to view all of their accounts under one log-in. The client site will give them immediate access to track their investment performance, retrieve statements and tax information and pay bills as well.

  • eVALUEator software: eVALUEator is the only comprehensive tool for culturally conscious investors. This extraordinary software monitors and provides accountability for even the most complex mutual fund portfolio. This tool is specifically designed to provide behind the scenes information about companies so that investment dollars are exclusively spent with companies that are doing good in the world.

  • Albridge: Albridge addresses a critical need of financial organizations: having access to a complete, accurate and timely view of their client’s assets. This system will help transform client data into usable information that allows you to create stronger client relationships and increase efficiency.

  • eMoney: eMoney comes alongside advisors who want to work with high net worth clients for the purpose of helping to attract additional top tier prospects. This service provides comprehensive financial planning services for increased fee revenue while helping to deliver exceptional service. These services include data aggregation, advanced planning, online document storage and marketing communication tools – all on one platform.

  • Redtail CRM: Successful financial advisors depend on creating and maintaining long lasting relationships with clients. Redtail CRM has created online tools for client management, sales automation, client support and marketing automation.

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